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The Problem

Information on the quality and effectiveness of workspace is expensive and time consuming to collect and it gets out of date quickly. Real estate and facilities may lack the resources to implement a wide-scale survey, analyze data, and produce useful insights. There is rarely a system in place to make ongoing use of customer satisfaction data that can be used to improve services.

The Solution

The idTools web-based survey and reporting software employs a powerful SQL database to help you assess the satisfaction of your internal customers with workspace quality and/or the services you provide. You can create your own survey, or adapt one of our existing survey templates. It also collects and tracks open-ended comments, to give you better context about specific problems. The idTools system can help you inexpensively create the foundation for a program for continuous improvement of your services.

Data collection and security

idTools uses ‘best practices’ survey tools which include the ability to collect open-ended comments from internal customers. Quickly and easily gather and analyze data from 10 - or 100,000 - employees - powerful built-in survey management functions make it easy to manage the survey entire process internally. Our dedicated server ensures that only you, and those you assign, can ever see the data. Use of inexpensive online surveys exposes your organization to risk that the data is being viewed or mined by others. Is this a risk you are prepared to take?

Reporting Functions

Currently we have nine different types of reports available that allow you to view the data in many useful ways. These reports let you sort the data by many different variables, such as building/location, business unit/department, job type/level, or any other variable you select. Get reports that are as general or specific as you require. This will let you quickly analyze customer satisfaction from different perspectives.


Reports show performance on individual categories as well as 'roll up' for a single performance index. Reports can also be customized for your specific needs. Larger reports are written into a convenient spreadsheet format and emailed directly to you, once complete.

Data Security

The data can be accessed by anyone you give permission to (internal or external to the company) - and no one else - who can then generate reports to quickly get the information needed to correct problems or improve the quality of ongoing services. Other inexpensive online survey tools cannot make the promise that they are not using your data, selling insights from it or using other 'data mining' techniques as part of their business/profit model. At idTools we promise that only you, and your assignees, will ever see the data.


The whole system is quick and easy to use, and costs a fraction of what it would cost your company to develop and host a similar system 'in-house.' The survey tools are based on 15 years of experience and best practices from leaders in workplace and facilities survey research. The idTools package provides results that would normally cost much more if provided in a traditional consulting or professional service context.







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