Assessment Tools for Human Resources

The Problem

Information about human resource issues is expensive and time consuming to collect and it gets out of date quickly. Management may lack the internal resources to effectively collect and interpret data relating to employee needs and human resource programs. Some human resource survey tools generate reports that are complex and difficult to understand. This leads causes delay in making a successful analysis and improvements to HR programs.

The Solution

The idTools system is an effective and efficient assessment platform that can help you assess the quality of your human resource programs necessary for success in the workplace. You can quickly build your own surveys or we can help you design them. Reports and analysis are available immediately over the web - with complete security.

Data collection

We can work with your HR team to develop the right survey for your needs, or implement your existing survey tools, whether you need to assess managers' skill sets, better understand the success of employee recruitment programs, and anything in between.

Reporting Functions

The idTools system provide 9 built-in reports. These reports require little training time to use, and are easy to understand.

Access the Data

This secure data can be accessed by managers and others as required, all with complete password-protected security.


The whole system is quick and easy to use, and costs a fraction of what it would cost your institution to develop and host a similar system 'in-house.' The idTools package provides results that would normally cost much more if provided in a traditional consulting or professional service context.







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