Product Features

Feature Web BrowserWeb Based Administration
Once your idTools account is implemented, it can be fully administered and maintained using only a web browser. No need to have IT staff involved every time you wish to create a survey. We provide all web and database hosting so your survey is ready to use 24/7. Our enterprise-strength system uses SQL, and can handle the creation of batches of surveys to tens-of-thousands of survey takers at a time.


Highlight - Manage SurveySystem is Easy to Use and Understand
Powerful, yet easy to use -- idTools has all of the features you need implement complex surveys, but it's easy to understand interface allows administrators, and survey-takers to easily use the system.


Feature ExportQuick Data Export and Import
With idTools you can export survey results to Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or text file formats. This allows you to use the data to create custom reports or to save it offline for further analysis. You can also import large data files with survey-taker names and email addresses for use in creating large "batches" of surveys.


Feature MatrixWritten Interpretation of Statistical Results
Once you have designed a survey, you can set up the system to have it display a written interpretation of the statistical results so that other less sophisticated report users can understand what the numbers mean. The system will vary the written interpretation of the data, based on how the statistical results change.


Highlight - Manage SurveyMultiple Language Support
You can design surveys in any number of languages to be distributed simultaneously. The current system can handle eight languages at once. Once you set up your multi-language survey, reports can be viewed in any of the languages you have set.

Highlight - Manage Survey
Powerful Branching & Condition Logic

With branching and conditions you can make your survey intelligent by making surveys that change their course based on the respondent's answer to a question or set of questions.


Highlight - Manage Survey
Multiple Levels of Security

idTools has built in security that breaks access up into different levels for survey-takers, people who need to access reports and data, and administrative functions. No one but you, and those you assign, can ever see or have access to the dataset you gather.






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