idToolsTM is an online enterprise survey and data analysis solution, robust enough to handle any capacity of data collection. It was designed for use by professionals with no previous survey or data analysis experience. It has multi-language capability and highly secure data management tools. idToolsTM has "built-in" reports that are powerful - yet simple to use. These reports not only analyze numerical data, but can provide written interpretation of the results.

idToolsTM has been in continuous operation since 1999, serving many global organizations.

idToolsTM has been used in a variety of ways:

Office Space Assessment and Planning
Evaluate employee satisfaction with work space design and facility support services. Learn how well the work space supports: collaboration, employee engagement, branding and image, ergonomics, effective work process, and other important issues.

For effective Higher Education learning spaces and Healthcare spaces
Understand patterns of use and assess
student satisfaction with technology and learning space design. Understand and assess the effectiveness of office and clinical spaces.

Human Resource Management
Assess quality of: employee satisfaction, recruitment programs, training assessment, relocation programs, daycare, management performance, career development and other key issues.

           Or any other survey application you can imagine.





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